Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sorry about the neglect, yo

So, I received my Juris Doctor degree on Saturday. I also had a jillion family members roll into town. Folks I haven't seen since I was 4 and 7 years old. Crazy. Good to see 'em tho. Plus a surprise visit from one of my dearest, bestest friends, Tater State. That was definitely a highlight of the whole graduation cluster f**k weekend.

I really got nothin' for you. Just know all is well and I am happy as the clam that I am.


Blogger jkf said...

I'm happy that you are happy and even more happy that you are quasi-back. Now that none of us are using computers anymore, I realize the effort.

7:36 PM  
Blogger great sandwich! said...

yeah. there's a reason why i don't take my computer with me anymore. i've actually been pretty productive staying at school all day with no computer to distract me.

7:38 PM  
Anonymous TaterState said...

Only one bottle of '94 Avia left. I'll never hand it to an Ethiopian Cab Driver. Those guys are wine snobs!

In honor of your Birthday and ceasless endeavors I will wear my imaginary "Keep On Truckin'" T-shirt tomorrow.

p.s. My computer is shiny and silver!

9:20 AM  

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