Saturday, December 03, 2005

Far Out

So, my perennial absence may be a clue to you all just what it's like to be a first year associate at a business law firm. Not that I'm complaining, I've enjoyed my first three months at work as much as can be expected, but it's no joke--I'm putting in long hours and I rarely look at the Internet anymore.

Today was the first time I've visited JKF, Stay Free! or BoingBoing since I started work at the end of September. I have no concept of what's happening out there in the world, so not much to say.

I will say that on Thursday I attended an excellent CLE (continuing legal education) put on by the Oregon State Bar's Intellectual Property Section (and hosted by LC Prof. Lydia Loren). The speaker was Fred von Lohmann from the EFF. He talked about MGM v. Grokster (which I've mentioned on this blog previously). Specifically the difficulties in counseling technology clients about their potential liability for contributory infringement, vicarious infringement, and now inducement to infringe in a post-Grokster world. Basically, this new Supreme court ruling will have chilling effects on innovation simply because of what the Court didn't say, and with legal uncertainty, comes the ability of the content industry to bully technology companies with the high cost of legal fees, even without actually going to trial.

So that was a highlight. I really like Fred, and the work the EFF does. (If you're a blogger, you might consider donating some $$ to the EFF for their work on bloggers rights).

That is the one sad thing about the last couple of months--although I am very much enjoying learning about real estate transactions, and working with the folks in my group, I can't help but be a little sad about not having time or energy to keep up with the IP stuff. I guess I'll just have to make time.


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