Saturday, July 02, 2005

an end to an unplanned hiatus

hey kids, i have no idea if anyone still checks this site or not. a lot of bad shit happened in the last month. write me an email and i'll tell you about it. needless to say, blogging has not been a high priority.

but, my hope is to return to some semblance of normalcy--as much as can be mustered during this final month before the bar exam.

i don't have much time to surf the internet right now, so i will be a little slow on current events, but i'll try to do what i can.

i haven't even read the Grokster opinion yet. i've had to rely on the newspaper for godsakes. i don't even know what the EFF has said about it yet. fuck.

oh, and don't get me started on Sandra D. Quitting on us now to take care of her ailing husband! well, we shouldn't have been counting on her anyway. it's just testament to the sad state of affairs that she was our only hope on so many issues in the first place. all you breeders better start stockpiling condoms cuz abortion will soon be illegal and all those pharmacies won't be selling contraceptives anymore, anyway.

oh, and all you bar kids might want to take a look at those 10 commandment cases. bar examiners love current events....

finally, i recommend all of you with access to Showtime and TiVo watch the Penn and Teller Bullshit show on Hair. Nothing better than watching someone wax some random guy on the street's hairy asshole on a flat screen TV.

more later, yo.


Blogger Susan Rose, CSJP said...

hang in there kiddo.

glad you're back.

don't study too hard!

1:44 PM  
Blogger great sandwich! said...

thanks, susan. also, thanks for the post on your blog today!

1:54 PM  
Blogger jkf said...

yeay, you're back with a bang! I didn't check for a couple of days and there you are with several posts. Whew, now I can not feel so much pressure to make the locals aware of the politics that I know so little about.

One word: sticktoitiveness

7:27 PM  

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