Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Tell Karen Minnis we want a vote on SB1000

As you all know, SB1000 the civil union and anti-discrimination bill passed the Oregon Senate by a 2/3 majority. Now Speaker of the House Karen Minnis is trying to let the bill die without out a vote. Call her up and tell her you want it to be voted on before the end of the session. Do it now--it will only take 30 seconds. Her number is 503-986-1200.

And for those of you who already know enough Torts to fake it through the bar exam, skip out early on studying on Wed. July 20 and head down to Salem for a rally. 6pm at the Capitol. Be there.


Blogger Stan Tern said...

Oh boy....we done gots smert people werken in that there lawhouseplace:

"Republican Sen. Jeff Kruse of Roseburg called the bill "another step down the road to Armageddon" and questioned whether pedophiles will want equal rights."

1:56 PM  

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