Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hell in a handbasket

Gayrightswatch reports that Karen Minnis in a surprise move, gutted SB1000 and it was subsequently moved out of the State and Federal Affairs committee 30 minutes before lunch, and weekend adjournment--apparently she thought we wouldn't notice.

Meanwhile the Columbia County Republicans have adopted a racist resolution blaming Mexicans for methamphetamine abuse. Via Blue Oregon:

Bob Tosh of Columbia GOP says:

“We see more and more crime articles in the paper with Gomez, Martinez, Ramirez, and whatever Hispanic name you might see.”
“All of us who are Caucasian Americans are descendents of ...immigrants,” he said. “But with legal aliens, you know who's here and that they're not some criminal that came from Mexico, escaped from jail there and came over here and is raping 5-year-old babies.”

Finally, The One True B!x reports that Portland's bid to purchase PGE has failed. (I don't care what Bojack thinks--I think it was a good idea). Now what?


Blogger jkf said...

awww man, what a hella mess.

4:45 PM  

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