Saturday, July 23, 2005

Process Subverted

Gay Right's Watch aptly points out that that Karen Minnis' base are the very same people who complained about the lack of process when Multnomah County started issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. Bryan Harding has even dug up a couple of quotes from Minnis herself:

"Process subverted. They didn't hold any public hearings. They didn't give any advanced warning. Their actions were arrogant and wrong. The Multnomah County Commission purposefully subverted the public process." - Speaker of the House Karen Minnis (Voter's Pamphlet, P 82)

"House Speaker Karen Minnis was the first state official to respond. She blasted the Multnomah County commission: ‘I think they circumvented due process. They made a decision and went forward with it without any public hearings, without any review by the state legislature who sets state policy and without consulting the citizens of Oregon. Minnis said she expected the Oregon legislature to address the issue in its next session."OPB 3/3/04

Yet, this is exactly what she did when she gutted and stuffed SB1000. How does this woman sleep at night?


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