Sunday, October 02, 2005

London (as told from my trip journal)

Besides the Alabama 3 concert, the Royal Library, and the Dali museum, we were also lucky enough to catch a Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Tate Modern. Truly a treat to finally see her paintings up close.

Also saw the exhibit at the Royal Gallery--used Rick Steve's Tour because we only had about 2hrs. BUt that was perfect. Started in Medieval times and ended with the impressionists. Highlights were the 2 Vermeers (standing and sitting at virginals)--I never realized they were a pair representing virgin/whore archetypes. And two van Gogh's--Sunflowers and his Chair. I never knew before that Impressionism could be viewed as a response to the invention of the camera.

We also went to a production of the Tempest at the Globe. It was disappointing for V. but I enjoyed it. It was difficult because they decided to cast just 3 actors for all 11 parts, plus 3 actresses for Iris, Ceres, and Juno. My guess is that this was an attempt to highlight the point of view that Prospero had just lost his marbles, and he was spending way too much time inside his own head, so to speak. It almost worked, but I think the starkness--no props or costume changes--aked just a little too much of the audience's imagination. I had trouble following, and I've read the play at least twice and seen at least 2 other productions.


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