Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Party Computer, take me away to another land...

I hate computers. I was looking at jkf's blog and she has all sorts of cool ass features--because she has skills I tell you. I got no skills because I got no patience because I fucking hate computers.

When I was a scientist, folks used to leave the room when I was crunching data on the computer--they couldn't take my litany of profanities. True, I have a much cleaner mouth than I did back then, and a much better temper. But, to this day, the only time I seem to truly lose it is when I'm dealing with this machine. It is the bain of my existence.

I did my best to care--after all I am dating a former Intel programmer. I even took Cyberlaw in law school (and enjoyed it). But this foul box sucks away my soul. I hate it--hate it!! But I can't stay away--I love it for all the information it gives me. I am addicted to the internets. What is a girl to do?

That is why I can't bring myself to learn HTML and add cool shit to this site. It's just too painful.


Blogger jkf said...

It's not ken of html that gets me through, it's a blend of trial and error and the drug-like effect of zoning out trying to make something the exact way I want it.

I think for me it is one of the few things that I have complete control over, thus I spend a hella lotta time working on it. You likely don't want to do that.

Besides, I like your blog a lot. It works quite well and looks pretty good for your current purposes.

Perhaps you would like help painting your blog?

3:08 PM  

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