Sunday, September 04, 2005

Katrina Spin Begins

Today, my last day in the States for the next three weeks, I am feeling extremely guilty for skipping town at a time like this.

Yesterday, an ex-pat friend of mine who lives in Scotland asked me why the hell people were not out protesting in the streets about the Katrina disaster and botched relief efforts. I couldn't give him an answer.

Here in Portland, so-called Democrats are arguing about whether now is the proper time to be placing blame (here and here).

Predictably, the media has started censoring the most scathing criticisms. See Kanye West's outburst that was censored from the West Coast broadcast of the Concert for Hurricane Relief.

Meanwhile giving W. and his machine time to regroup for spin.

We all know the outcome if we don't do something right now--they'll put all the blame on the head of FEMA, he'll resign and that will be that.

We know better--we know that the government knew exactly what would happen in this scenario--there was a National Geographic article on it for God's sake. We also know that the money to fix the levees had been allocated and then diverted away to pay for this Iraq war.

My friend also asked why the hell W. wasn't resigning right now. We know the answer to that. Let's not let them bury this.


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