Thursday, August 18, 2005

back from beantown


once again i find myself apologizing for a long absence. i was in boston and rhode island for jedi jade's wedding, and did not have access to the internets while i was there.

the wedding was lovely--the groom was alternately beaming and weeping for joy during the short but very sweet ceremony. and the shindig was like nothing i had ever seen. being a west coast girl through and through, i was thoroughly unprepared for this very east coast wedding. but, let me just say, although i was a little shocked by lemon yellow linen pants, green sport coats, orange bow ties, and ascots, the food was absolutely fabulous, the drink was plentiful, there were lots of folks on the dance floor, and i had a really, really fun time.

i returned on monday, only to find that my girlfriend had thrown her back out and was unable to sit, and was having trouble walking too. so, we spent the last few days doing not a whole heck of a lot. fortunately for me, champagne and grapefruit juice seemed to help until she could get something stronger. i put her on a plane today to go visit her mom.

that means jkf and i can now finish the smurfing of my house. i swear to god this is a never ending project. i thought painting would be different from my normal life inasmuch as you can track your progress. but, alas: this is the house that never ends/it just goes on and on, my friends/somebody started painting it, not knowing what it was/now they're painting it forever just because... .


Blogger jkf said...

And I had just gotten that song out of my head. ARRRRGGGGGHHHH. I wish the Smurfs would cover that song.

Ascots, hahahaha. I love ascots.

12:21 AM  

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