Sunday, October 02, 2005


From London we caught the Eurostar through the Chunnel to Paris. In Paris we had to book a train to Lyon 2 hrs. later. This made me nervous because it was my first attempt at French, but it turned out the ticket agent knew more than enough English.

We got to Lyon and it was absolutely gorgeous! However, we were disappointed to find out that Rick Steves was incorrect in stating there were bus tours to Beaujolais out of Lyon. This was upsetting because it was one of the reasons we decided to stay 2 nights.

However, we busied ourselves with a trip to the Resistance Museum where I learned a whole hell of a lot about the French Resistance during WWII. It was based in Lyon both because of its central location and because Lyon has so many winding streets and hidden passageways, it was easier to elude Nazis and hide printing presses.

After the museum, we went to explore some of the passageways in Vieux Lyon--leading to beautiful courtyards. It was really cool.

Then up the hill to the Roman Theatres and the Basilique de Notre Dame de Lyon. This church was spectacular! Inside were elaborate mosaics, beautiful statues, and glass all devoted to Mary. It was beautiful.

Lyon is also known for its food. I was a little scared at first because my French is bad and virtually no one in Lyon spoke English. But we got by just fine. The restaurants were great, and in the mornings there's an outdoor market where we bought a picnic including some of the best grapes I've ever had.


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